45 Minutes

SHRED Spin is a music driven ride to challenge and define your fitness level and improve. Increase strength while building endurance. We combine high-energy cardio with our computerized in-studio technology to deliver maximum results.

At the start of class you will push your max effort to set a baseline that you will compete against for the classes duration. You are your own competition. 

Sprint in all positions, jump, climb a variance of hills and tap it back. We ride hard. Classes are designed for all levels and abilities.


50 Minutes

The best of both worlds. SHRED Body combines a 30 minute high-intensity interval training SHRED Spin ride with a 20 minute Mat Pilates session. Full of a series of hills, racing flats and jogs up and down to get your heart rate lifted. When you reach the Mat the attention will shift to core and upper body toning.

Please prepare for an hour as there is a transition time.

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30 Minutes

SHRED Spin on a fast track. The class is short which means the ride is intense. CHALLENGE YOUR WORKOUT.



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