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Pilates at SHRED is a mix of classical and contemporary. Classes are limited to five persons and suitable for all levels. Our professional team of instructors will challenge and encourage you as you continue your practice. Classes are always different to keep you mentally and physically challenged.
Strengthen your powerhouse (core), improve your posture, and rid yourself of daily aches and pains.  Pilates is a full-body workout. It is rehabilitative, preventative, and excellent for athletes looking to improve their sports performance.


Spin at SHRED is a music driven ride that will challenge you to define your fitness level and improve. Increase strength while building endurance. SHRED Spin combines high-energy cardio with our computerized in-studio technology that delivers maximum results.

At the start of class you will work to set a baseline that you will compete against for the classes duration. You are your own competition.

Class is designed for you to challenge your cadence in and out of the saddle. Sprint in all positions, jump, climb a variance of hills and tap it back. We ride hard. You will not need a dance background to spin at SHRED. You will need to push your limits.

Don't worry! You have the option to keep your bike private; you will still receive an email after class letting you know how you did. The SHRED screen is a great motivator.

Music will be bouncing off the walls, burn calories and shake a tail feather. The workout is intense but open to all levels. You decide how hard you go. All we ask is that you CHALLENGE YOUR WORKOUT


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